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We Never…

Posted by on January 2, 2012

We Never… Everybody has their list of things they’ve never done but always wanted to do or things they’ve kind of wanted to do if they had the nerve.  Well, this year we’re ticking off that list.  Every week during 2012, we’re doing something new and different.  We’re planning adventures, working at someone else’s job, doing charity work, taking spirituality lessons, and whatever else strikes us along the way.  We’ll share them with you in this year-long blog and we welcome any suggestions you may have.

We’re doing this now because we can and because we’ll no longer say, “I wish I had time to…”  Now, it’s time.  We left behind our careers after working through most of our 40’s – one of us had to sadly close down a business after 6 years; the other left a successful career in a field she loves but one that was wearing her down.  Significant changes like this call for a big reaction, a real journey through the next year we’re hoping will inspire us, make us laugh and teach us a thing or two about ourselves and others.

Please join us on this journey.  We Never…2 Women, 1 Year, 52 New Experiences

41 Responses to We Never…

  1. Mara Berke

    What a wonderful idea! I need some fun and adventure in my life. I have a flexibale schedule so when do you decide the activity and can I go if the mood strikes and others are welcome? Kabbalah…funny…so not me and surprising you did that! Love you blog!

  2. Amanda Cooper

    WOW!!!! I will be following your daily blogs religiously. Good for you, I somehow doubted you’d be attending countless dull coffee mornings Erin. When I see the ocean behind you then glance out of my kitchen window to the grey skies above, my heart sinks. Miss you guys loads. Good luck and stay with it xxxxx

  3. Kim Jones

    I’ll be following. Still like my suggestion on you cleaning my house…something you’ve never done before (and probably wouldn’t ever again). Standing offer…

  4. MaryAnne Bekus

    Well, how about a weekend in New Jersey!!!! How exciting is that! Go back to your home roots and to see your favorite cousin! Gosh I am getting excited just thinking about it! Great Idea, God Bless you both, sound fun!

  5. barbara smith

    ladies….the LA regional foodbank is a wonderful adventure. check their site and sign up (tell us all) and after 4-5 hours of sorting food, you will have helped about 10,000 LA families, laughed, inspired and ached – ah, but the smile won’t soon leave your face.