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If it is good enough for Madonna…

Posted by on January 12, 2012

Yes, we went to a Kabbalah meeting.  No, there was no chanting, candles or sacrifices of any kind.

It was, to be totally honest, quite interesting.  It is not a religion but a way to look at things that will make you a happier and more fulfilled person.  What I have learned so far (yes, that is right, there is a “so far” because we are going back…”) is that the foundation of the thinking is that you get what you put in.  If you think and act in a positive way, positive things will happen to you.  This is not news to me – it is something my parents taught me and have always tried to live by – but the different ways that they approach it just might be news, so stay tuned.

If, however, I start dating a 24 year old and work out until my arms look like a professional weight lifter — oh, and speak with a bit of a British accent, then do feel free to tune me out and attribute it all to the Material Girl.

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