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Too Much Enthusiasm?

Posted by on January 13, 2012

Riddle This: What happens when you put two people with a “we’re up for anything” kind of attitude in a roomful of Kabbalah enthusiasts and give them a free one-hour lecture on the secrets of this ancient philosophy?  Apparently, they get sucked into signing up for a series of Kabbalah lessons.

And that is how we ended up planning on spending our next 10 Thursday evenings at the LA Kabbalah Center learning how to be positive, connecting to a spiritual force of energy, sharing our missteps with our mentor, and having a 20-minute conference call with our 8-member Kabbalah team every Monday.

We’ll let you know how this Kabbalah experience progresses.  Hopefully, we’ll be exuding so much positive energy that you’ll feel us coming before you can even spot the red-thread bracelet on our wrists.

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