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Actually, Thelma and Louise sounds much better, don’t you think?

Posted by on February 27, 2012

So this week, Lisa and I packed some heat and headed down to the local lanes to throw off a few rounds… if you know what I mean.  Honestly, I hope you don’t know what I mean – we sure didn’t.  So we hired The Chief (our teacher: 20 years Navy, 20 years Police Dept, 17 years shooting instructor) to show us how it is done.  Neither of us had ever shot a hand-gun (Lisa had only shot a shot-gun in the woods once in her past – she is Texan after all).  We started out petrified but in the end, I really liked it.  I did not like the gun part (what it is really capable of) as much as the game of trying to shoot straight and nail the sucker between the eyes (sucker being paper target, eyes being the red spot on his chest).  We shot a Colt 45, a Smith and Wesson, a Glock and a few other guns that sounded too familiar from all the movies I have seen. In the end, the Smith and Wesson was my weapon of choice.  Maybe it is tied to my secret desire to own chaps.

In summary… am I still afraid of guns?  Hell yes.  Would I ever buy one?  Hell no.  Would I recommend that everyone try it once?  Yes – if you have a good set of ear-muffs and are ok being the only person at the range in pink faux-fur loafers. :)


44 Responses to Actually, Thelma and Louise sounds much better, don’t you think?

  1. Janet Trombetti

    I missed this one but this is really something I’d like to try. I’m just loving following every week.

  2. Jerri VanNatta Hawley

    i have a chl….I pack most of the time…traveling as I do, I can tell you packing heat has saved my life at least twice! I am grateful that yall embraced safety first!