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Baby Steps

Posted by on February 2, 2012

That is what this week’s adventure was – a big baby step.  You see, I am afraid of heights.  Not in a debilitating way – just enough that chairlifts are a bit rough, chairlifts without bars are REALLY rough and that I can’t get myself to sky-dive.  Sky-diving was one of the first things Lisa and I put on our list when we started this project – but every time it comes up in conversation, the blood drains from my face.  So this week, we thought we could try “I Fly” which simulates the feeling of jumping out of a plane.  And?  It was fun.  Did it prepare me for the real thing? Not sure but I know it did prepare me for knowing how geeky I will look in the jumpsuit.  So look for a sky-diving adventure one week this year – but I am guessing closer to the end of the year…

I believe I can fly!

2,893 Responses to Baby Steps

  1. Jeff Proctor

    Looks very cool… I have the same fears so I’m proud of you… Way to go!