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Just Fun

Posted by on February 3, 2012

What do you get when you put a 48-year-old short woman in need of a haircut (think shag on Florence Henderson circa Brady Bunch) in an oversized jumpsuit, helmet and goggles?  Check out our “Pictures” page and you’ll see.  Go ahead, have yourself a chuckle.  You can probably guess that I didn’t set up the “Pictures” page and I would have deleted that picture so fast that Erin’s nicely-coifed head would spin.

Against my better judgment, I’ll let it stay in the “Pictures” section because Week 5’s experience was so darn fun.  Indoor skydiving was one of those experiences that didn’t require us to stretch our limits, there was no real self-improvement involved, and we didn’t help anybody except maybe by tipping our flight instructor, Josh (we told him we’d include him in our blog).  But with 52 weeks in 2012 to fill, sometimes you just have to do something that does nothing more than put a smile on your face.

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