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Now I’m no Roger Ebert but…

Posted by on February 25, 2012

I, as always, have a lot to say about the the films nominated this year (and every year for that matter!)!  For our task this week, Lisa and I decided that we would see all the films nominated for best picture, and the performances for best actor and best actress.  If you are keeping tabs, that makes 15 films.  Both of us still needed to see 7 that we had not seen yet so that is exactly what we did – culminating with 4 films in 3 different locations in one day.  And in the end, I decided that this year, each film deserved its own award, and here they are:

- Most over-rated film: The Descendants (really?  really? what am I missing?)

- Most under-rated film: The Iron Lady (really?  really?  how did you all not love this film?)

- Most violent, heart-breaking, epic, sad, brutal children’s film ever made: War Horse

- Most depressing, stressful, tense yet good film: A Better Life

- Film best seen under the influence of mind-altering drugs – if at all: Tree of Life

- Film with best story yet most annoying main character: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

- Film better than you would ever imagine: My Week with Marilyn

- Film with an actor who was amazing at acting exactly like the Director of the film: Midnight in Paris

- Film that I understood the least: Albert Knobbs

- Best film based on a book that made a confusing book simpler: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

- Best film based on a book that made a confusing book really confusing but pulled it off: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

- Best film based on a book that changed the tone of the book so that I loved the book and the movie: The Help

- Best film based on a book that barely resembled the book I remembered reading but that I still liked – Moneyball

- Best film based on a book that was not nearly as good as the book but was ok, just too long: Hugo

and Best Film – no caveats or asterisks: The Artist

105 Responses to Now I’m no Roger Ebert but…

  1. Scotty Ruane

    wow – The Artist. I didn’t see it but can’t wait for tonight! You are living your dream!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Renee Budig

      I agree with your award for the Tree of Life, but not sure there are mind altering drugs that would help that movie make any sense! And I loved the Artist, too.