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Should Have Picked the Talkie

Posted by on February 26, 2012

I just finished watching the Academy Awards with Erin and family and I have to concede – her pick for Best Picture won; mine did not.  How could Erin and the Academy differ so much with my newly-found cinema expertise?  Not only did I not pick The Artist, I didn’t like it.

Oh well, an unfortunate end to our movie week, a week that consisted of watching 7 movies, including 4 in one day (a few too many that required constant noshing to stay awake).  Week 8’s “We Never” was to see all Best Picture Nominees along with the Best Actor and Actress movies that we had not yet seen.  I suppose I’m simple (and arguably lack a little depth) when it comes to movies.  Just entertain me.

Those that didn’t:  The Artist (I know that I’m in the minority here but there’s a reason that we moved on to talkies almost a hundred years ago – sorry Erin), Tree of Life (the weirdest movie I’ve ever seen with a big name in it), A Better Life (too stressful), Albert Nobbs (although I have my own moments of stupidity, I can’t connect with a character who’s in a constant state of cluelessness).

Those that did:  Midnight in Paris (total fun), The Descendants (sorry again Erin – one of two movies we disagreed on), The Help (powerful uplifting movie), and Moneyball (the other movie with Brad Pitt that wasn’t weird).  If you feel like sharing your own cinema expertise, let us know what you think…as long as you’re picking a talkie.

46 Responses to Should Have Picked the Talkie

  1. Jeff Proctor

    Pretty much agree with you… Now go see Act of Valor…Awesome!

  2. Janet Trombetti

    I’m with you. Now, I just need to convince my husband to see “The Descendants”. I’m dying to see “The Help” – naturally I’ve read the book. And, I also want to see “Midnight in Paris” and “Moneyball”. Guess we have the same taste in cinema choices.