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So Many Smiles

Posted by on February 14, 2012

“There are a million roses in the world and this one’s mine.”  These were the words spoken by a very tall, very masculine firefighter at the Inglewood Fire Station.  That was just one of the stops Erin and I made today on our quest to randomly deliver 6 dozen individual red roses.  The simple act of handing someone a single rose and wishing them a Happy Valentine’s Day put broad grins on grown men – at least once they realized we weren’t asking for money and weren’t completely crazy.  I can’t remember when I had so much fun doing and witnessing such a simple act.

There was the woman (yes, we did give a rose to a woman) who had just opened her Salvadoran restaurant 8 days earlier.  I got a pupusa for breakfast and we left her with a beaming smile and a rose she immediately put in a water bottle.  There were the two guys in yellow vests taking a break outside the airport who both spontaneously gave hugs upon receiving the flowers.  There was the international traveler who wondered why Erin hadn’t given him a rose so she quickly remedied that by running back to the car for another.  There was the guy who paid it forward by sitting down next to an elderly woman and passing on his flower to her.  Who would have thought that spending a few hours delivering roses would generate so many smiles and so much happiness?

53 Responses to So Many Smiles

  1. Nicole Tibbetts

    Love it! That is a fine random act of kindness.