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Monthly Archives: March 2012

What’s it all about — Lisa?

If you have not figured it out already, this weeks outing under the category “What the world needs now is…” – is in fact what the world needs more of: Burt Bacharach and Dionne Warwick!  As Lisa and I do our brainstorming, we keep bumping up against things that one of us has done and … Continue reading »

Categories: Week 13: What the World Needs Now is... | 3,326 Comments

Mission Paparazzi: Failed

I suppose it had to be on the list since neither of us had done it despite living here for longer than I’ve lived anywhere else.  So on Tuesday of Week 12, we boarded the tackiest, most touristy bus we could find along with other celebrity-seeking visitors.  This was a TMZ bus so the idea … Continue reading »

Categories: Week 12: Taking a Tour Bus in our own City! | 1,540 Comments

Hooray for Hollywood!

Can you say “cheese?”  No, not the cheese you say when you smile for a picture but the one that describes a totally tacky, cheesy experience.  That was week 12 – a ride on the TMZ Hollywood bus.  We decided on a bus tour through Hollywood since we have never done it – and my … Continue reading »

Categories: Week 12: Taking a Tour Bus in our own City! | 3,470 Comments

ER, Phone Home!

OK, so you probably read Lisa’s entry already so you know why we drove out to the middle of nowhere for a “sound bath.”  More than any week thus far, this one is all about the adventure around the adventure.  What I mean is that while the sound bath was a bit of a bust … Continue reading »

Categories: Week 11: Taking a "Sound" Bath... | 5,322 Comments

Homage to Aliens, Sound Baths and Erin

We’re in the Mojave Desert 3 hours from home “heightening our awareness” by lying on mats in a dome with 18 strangers and listening to quartz crystal singing bowls.  Oh, and there’s more – the dome, surrounded by a couple of airstream trailers and miles of yucca plants, was built based on telepathic directions from … Continue reading »

Categories: Week 11: Taking a "Sound" Bath... | 1,072 Comments

With the Greatest of (Un)Ease

Erin’s husband may think she’s flexible; mine believes quite the opposite of me.  Week 10’s “We Never” of Trapeze Lessons proved him right.  I usually don’t feel 48, but trying to pull my legs up onto the trapeze bar with several perky blondes suggesting (kindly because they really were very nice), “You’ve got to pull … Continue reading »

Categories: Week 10: Ringling Sisters! | 89 Comments

My husband always told me I was flexible but this was something altogether different…

Call it another baby step in my trying to overcome my fear of heights. This week, Lisa and I learned to swing on a trapeze!  (Is that even the way you say it?)?  Basically, you climb up a high ladder and then jump off the plank.  OK, there are instructions and harnesses and clips and … Continue reading »

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