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ER, Phone Home!

Posted by on March 17, 2012

OK, so you probably read Lisa’s entry already so you know why we drove out to the middle of nowhere for a “sound bath.”  More than any week thus far, this one is all about the adventure around the adventure.  What I mean is that while the sound bath was a bit of a bust (honestly, we drove 6 hours round-trip for a power nap), the rest of it made it worthwhile.  Our first “road-trip” together, the people we met, a quick stop at the outlets on the way home and most of all … wait for it… the ALIEN CONNECTION!  So it turns out that this perfectly round building we were in that was built by hand over 25 years was built by a guy who met some aliens and asked him to build it so they could communicate — can you say “Contact?” You just can’t pay for this stuff.

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