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Homage to Aliens, Sound Baths and Erin

Posted by on March 15, 2012

We’re in the Mojave Desert 3 hours from home “heightening our awareness” by lying on mats in a dome with 18 strangers and listening to quartz crystal singing bowls.  Oh, and there’s more – the dome, surrounded by a couple of airstream trailers and miles of yucca plants, was built based on telepathic directions from extraterrestrials.

The reason for Week 11’s experience of a Sound Bath at the Integratron in Landers, California can be chalked up to a recent article in Vanity Fair.  The writer, initially skeptical, claimed to feel rejuvenated after listening for 25 minutes to singing bowls keyed to the energy centers or chakras of the body.  This sound bath works particularly well in the Integratron, an all-wood acoustically perfect sound chamber built by engineer George Van Tassel after a meeting with a space alien in 1953.  The alien apparently gave him the idea for a structure that would recharge the human cell structure.  Hmmm…

Well, we had to try it.  And I can confidently say that I felt rejuvenated because I took a nap during my sound bath and had a really great lunch at a local diner (with grits – you can never go wrong with good grits) right before my “nap.”  Prior to falling asleep, the sounds did reverberate in my head and even strangely seemed to travel across my brain when the tone changed.  But my skepticism held steadfast and all the information on geomagnetic vortexes, sacred geometry, and negative ion fields found at the Integratron did nothing to lessen it.

While sonic healing didn’t have the hoped-for result of feeling like a new – and deeper – person, our “We Never” adventure plate as always came with a few good sides.  The terrain in that part of Southern California, shockingly different from Los Angeles, is spectacular; people who go to things like the Integratron are nothing if not interesting (we met two wonderful half-sisters who themselves had met for the first time the day before); and my “We Never” partner Erin continues to enthusiastically embrace the new, even when it borders on being pretty darn weird.

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