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Hooray for Hollywood!

Posted by on March 22, 2012

Can you say “cheese?”  No, not the cheese you say when you smile for a picture but the one that describes a totally tacky, cheesy experience.  That was week 12 – a ride on the TMZ Hollywood bus.  We decided on a bus tour through Hollywood since we have never done it – and my orders from Lisa were to book the “cheesiest” one there was – success!  Forget landmarks of Hollywood and set locations – this was a tour through town to see where Hugh Grant “met” with Divine Brown and poor River Phoenix died. Strip bars and restaurants that stars hang in, that was how we spent our afternoon.  The good, bad and the ugly?  Good news was no one we know saw us do this, the bad is that we had no star sightings… and the ugly?  Frankly, the entire experience!  Our advice to others is that the idea of a tour bus is tacky enough – if you take one, take one that shows you the Hollywood with the fringe on top – not the seedy underbelly.  I still prefer seeing the world through my rose-colored (albeit Prada) glasses!

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