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Mission Paparazzi: Failed

Posted by on March 26, 2012

I suppose it had to be on the list since neither of us had done it despite living here for longer than I’ve lived anywhere else.  So on Tuesday of Week 12, we boarded the tackiest, most touristy bus we could find along with other celebrity-seeking visitors.  This was a TMZ bus so the idea was that we would drive through celebrity-infested waters, spy an A-Lister, and our fearless guide would spring into action, convincing the celebrity to come over to interact with a busload of star-watchers.

Unfortunately, we spotted no one (mostly I wanted to see what the reaction would be).  We did learn where Brad Pitt danced around in a chicken outfit in front of El Pollo Loco and Megan Fox picked up a Russian stripper.  I’d argue that this info wasn’t really worth the $50 price but the rest of the bus seemed happy.  One guy insisted that he spotted Ellen Barkin (gasp…who?) but Erin said no.  I’d go with Erin on this one but we figured we should let the guy have his fun.  Overall, a bit of a bust but hanging with Arkansans and Missourians for a few hours on a tour bus made it feel like a mini-vacation, especially once we decided to leave our cynicism back home.

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