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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Exit Through the Gift Shop

So this week, Lisa had heard about a monastery with a group of cloistered nuns hidden in the hills of Hollywood – so we thought we would check it out.  Unfortunately, we went at a time when the nuns were not praying so we only saw one.  The grounds were pretty but limited so what … Continue reading »

Categories: Week 17: Good Habits! | 6 Comments

A Little Prayer and A Lot of Pumpkin

Who knew?  A group of cloistered nuns live in the Hollywood Hills, bake pumpkin bread and hand-dip chocolates.  You don’t see them – they’re cloistered after all – but they bake a pumpkin bread so divine that I finished it in 48 hours.  Erin and I did pray a little ourselves and bought a year’s … Continue reading »

Categories: 100 New Experiences, Week 17: Good Habits! | 4,851 Comments

Covering for a Lost Opportunity

Week 16’s “We Never” had some good stuff and not-so-good stuff, much like the charity Invisible Children that we were supporting on April 20’s Cover the Night.  My family and Erin’s family got together last Friday night to put up posters and flyers to increase awareness of Kony, the horrible man in Uganda who has … Continue reading »

Categories: 100 New Experiences, Week 16: Takin' it to the Streets | 38 Comments

I am Norma Rae, Hear me Roar!

Now this is what “we never” is all about. It all started when Nash showed me the KONY film with a mere 1 mil views.  Now it is over 88 million.  You know the rest. So Lisa and I decided that we would help with Cover the Night and have our kids do it with us. We made … Continue reading »

Categories: Week 16: Takin' it to the Streets | 3 Comments

Remnants of My Past Life

I have wanted to go for years – 9 to be exact.  The Disney Concert Hall, one of the most unique buildings I’ve ever seen, is truly fantasmical but I had never been inside.  The silver-clad sails and curved thingamajigs that look like they sprang up out of the ground are almost otherworldly. Part of … Continue reading »

Categories: Week 15: Now clap your hands... | 1 Comment

Oh, Happy Day!

So that is what is was – sort of – when we saw the Soweto Gospel Choir at the LA Phil Disney concert hall.  But there is good news and bad news.  The good news is that it was fun and we enjoyed the show, especially the songs we knew like Oh, Happy Day, Bridge … Continue reading »

Categories: Week 15: Now clap your hands... | 25 Comments

Only a State of Mind

I like to forget.  In fact, I do forget.  I suppose my age is ironically the reason I forget…my age.  I mean really – How did I get from 31 to 48 so quickly?  How did I go from having a baby in my arms to following along behind her while she tries to decide … Continue reading »

Categories: 100 New Experiences, Week 14: Body and Soul | 37 Comments

And then Oprah said “Erin,…”

So this week, Lisa and I are both on spring break so we thought we would take stock of both our physical and emotional health.  How? By asking Oprah of course! Actually, by taking 2 of her online quizzes.  So how did I do? Not bad. By some miracle, it says that my physical/body age is equal to … Continue reading »

Categories: Week 14: Body and Soul | 7,347 Comments

That’s What Friends Are For

Another Dionne Warwick song title.  Erin started the theme…so I couldn’t very well end it.  And fortunately it’s the perfect title.  Appropriate, yes, as I thought I was doing this week’s We Never because it was what my friend Erin wanted. I don’t know if Erin’s blog quite stressed enough just how serious a fan … Continue reading »

Categories: Week 13: What the World Needs Now is... | 27 Comments