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And then Oprah said “Erin,…”

Posted by on April 5, 2012

So this week, Lisa and I are both on spring break so we thought we would take stock of both our physical and emotional health.  How? By asking Oprah of course! Actually, by taking 2 of her online quizzes.  So how did I do? Not bad.

By some miracle, it says that my physical/body age is equal to my actual age (in this case, it does NOT help to lie and say I’m 29).  It is amazing what little drinking and no smoking can do to your score – even if you are too out of shape to walk up a flight of stairs without taking a nap break half way up. Basically, I have been blessed with a body that has not yet given up on me despite feeding it couch time, Oreos and chips/dip.  But I feel my day is coming, so some exercise is on my list of things to do – just below watching the entire series of Downton Abbey and finishing my photo project – both which require lots of sitting!  We will see what spring will bring. 

Psychologically, “Oprah says” I have great emotional peace and am comfortable in my own skin (despite how loose that skin may really be).  I am desperately happy so I am inclined to agree with her here.  So the net-net? Being happy and “owning” your real age and who you are (warts and all) gets you half way there. Thank God! But healthy living is a must and that includes exercise. So reading between the lines, my friend Oprah says “You rock Erin! You are young at heart but that heart won’t take you to 65 if you don’t start exercising, sister!”  So I guess something just moved up a few slots on my to-do list.  

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