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All right Mr. DeMille, I am ready for my close-up

Posted by on May 30, 2012

Another great event!  Lisa and I took an acting lesson and it was so much fun. I will tell you what I liked and what I did not like.  I liked that it was a real class – not a bunch of vocal exercises and “show me your sad face” but it was doing scenes, doing a little improv and chatting with actual and aspiring actors.  Now what I did not like.  Honestly, these past 2 weeks have been lay-ups for me – singing and acting lessons.  Come on!  I was born for this!  I have been training (in my own special way) for this my whole life!  So I think part of me unconsciously thought “Gosh, this is not fair to Lisa – I am going to be so great at these things – I hope it does not make her feel bad.”  :)  Well I am sure the sucker.  You already read about last week.  Lisa who APPARENTLY has no voice hit every note and had a range far beyond mine.  Now I am not saying that she was a better actor than me, but some might!  For God sake – I did not even get her on the improv!  I wish you could have seen her as a nun – a nun who apparently gave into the temptation of a male worker at the nunnery.  Pure genius.  We laughed until we cried as we did our last performance together (it was the part where she pulled a gun on me that put me over the edge).  We chatted about what we liked about each of our classmates performances like we were Siskel and Ebert.  Once again, we learned a little something new.  We learned about ending a scene with a button –  so this, my friends, is mine.

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