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“Drive the car like you stole it”

Posted by on June 15, 2012

Well, this week was one that I was really excited for: taking 20 laps around the track at Irwindale speedway with in one of their stock cars.  But part of me thought: this is too good to be true – can we really only take a one hour class and then take that car out – ALONE – with no driver next to us or no remote control?  Hell yes!  And that is what they let us do.  And after they removed the steering wheel so I could climb through the window (just like you see on TV!), my pit guy said “drive the car like you stole it.”  Awesome.

The track was only a half mile banked track – so what that means is not a lot of drag racing but a lot of turning.  You should take a look at the pictures – we looked pretty spankin.  But, I know you want to know how we did – not just how cool we looked.  We held our own!  Alright, alright!  So Lisa did pass me at the beginning – but after a while, I found my groove and was really moving.

As for the others, let’s just say that we were not racing with our peers today.  One guy we met drove down from one hour north of Reno to do this.  The other racers had lots of questions about what kind of tires, how much horsepower, the make of the frame, etc.  In the midst of all that, I almost asked if there was a good CD player in the car  - or if I could pick my car based on it’s ability to match my outfit – but kept it to myself.  It was really fun and invigorating and I would suggest it for anyone of any age.  Oh, and I lost 3 lbs sweating in the padded racing suit in the hot car out in the hot sun – so there was that!

PS A word of warning: it is hard to transition back to the real world.  On our way home, we noticed that Lisa was hitting 90 mph and was still increasing!

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