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Here Today, Gone Tamale!

Posted by on June 9, 2012

OK, so the title of this week is “Cook what you eat, eat what you cook.”  So for me, that would mean learning how to cook oreos and goldfish. Well, as it turns out, there are no cooking classes for these 2 things.  Isn’t that just crazy?  Anyway, as it turns out, my partner in crime loves tamales so we took a great cooking class to learn to make them.

As always, half the fun was in the people we met and the other was just doing it with Lisa.  My biggest observations were:

1. That tamales should cost $36 each.

2. Always cook tamales with change in your pocket

3. That we must not forget to try new things

4. That I love it when God intervenes

1. Why would I say tamales should cost so much? Because they take a ton of work and time to make!  So appreciate them when you eat them and just imagine how much work it would take to build a canoe – with just rock, paper and scissors – and that is close to what it takes.

2. So, I am sure Lisa will tell you more about that actual process of making them but I did learn one great thing.  When you steam something, you should put pennies in the pan with the water.  Why?  Because if all the water steams off (and you can’t see that), the pennies will clack in the pan to tell you to add more water or that you are finished – so you don’t burn the pan or your food!  Genius!

3. OK, now let’s get to the second half of the title – “eat what you cook.”  Well, before this lesson, I had never had a tamale.  So we cooked them but by the time we got  home, it was too late to eat so we saved them for lunch the next day.  So I eventually tried one – and it was quite good.

4. so what is with “I love it when God intervenes?” Because BEFORE I tried one, I spoke to Lisa and this was our conversation.

LISA: Have you eaten your tamales yet?  They are really good.

ERIN: No.  I can’t quite get myself to eat one.  I can’t imagine that I am going to like the husk part.

LISA: You don’t eat the corn husk!  (laughing) Really?  You thought you were supposed to eat the corn husk?

ERIN: Well, the thing is…

LISA: (still laughing)

ERIN: It kind of makes sense I thought that because…

LISA: (laughing harder and possibly peeing at this point)

You get the idea… So I think it is fair to say that my body would still be trying to digest a corn husk if it were not for God’s intervention – having Lisa call me in time.  And thank goodness I don’t take myself too seriously.

So once again, good experience, great laughs.

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