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In and Out – and about

Posted by on June 22, 2012

So this week, we thought we would spread the love – and the special sauce.  So Lisa and I went to In and Out and bought 3 boxes of cheeseburgers and decided to hand them out to people who were hanging out on street corners (ex Home Depot) waiting for work.  It was not a big outing – pretty simple and cheap.  But it was so much more than that in the end.    While we felt bad because when we drove up, they thought we were hiring, they soon realized we were not but were happy to get the burgers and were truly grateful.  One man was thrilled when we drove around a second time and he could hail us down to give a burger to his friend.  This weeks bonus?  We took my son Tucker with us who actually handed out the burgers and I think that helped with the initial caution we usually get when we do something like this.  And of course it was great for him.  Look at this fabulous picture of him and his new friends. When we left, we decided that we should not wait for We-Never weeks to do this – we need to do it more when we really are just out and about.

3 Responses to In and Out – and about

  1. Scotty

    That’s my boy!

  2. Laura

    I truly love his expression!!! He is so open and warm!!!