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The Need for Speed

Posted by on June 16, 2012

I never thought I had it.  But put me in a black helmet and gloves, let me climb in through the driver side window, tell me to flip a few switches, and I’m feeling way too cool to go slow.  In fact, wimps should apply – everyone needs the chance to drive a stock car like we did for Week 24’s “We Never.”

I now understand the sense of power in driving these babies (see, it even makes you talk like you think you’re cool).  They put 4 of us newbies on a half-mile track, each in our own race car.  We warmed up for a few laps (yellow flag) and then we got to fly when they waved the green flag above the cars.  Once you were pedal to the metal, you had to accept that the instructor was being honest about the “stickiness” of the wheels on the turns.  On a half-mile track, you feel you are constantly in a turn and gripping the wheel increased the already heightened level of intensity…and the serious sweating going on under the gloves and helmet.

There are no rear or side view mirrors on these cars so the only way you know when to move down to allow someone to pass is when it’s said in your ear piece.  This is, by the way, a one-way ear piece that my way-too-cool self had a hard time understanding – I kept talking back to it like a little old lady (don’t forget though I was little old lady in a cool black suit).  Despite an early mishap with the radio ear piece (I had to be pulled over briefly), I settled into the rhythm of the laps and my confidence increased.  This was truly a blast!  The experience was unfortunately over before I was ready and it was back to reality … and my admittedly not-so-cool self.

One Response to The Need for Speed

  1. Maggie Saether

    That does sound like great fun – something for my husband for sure. Not sure I’m willing to take the risk.