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Vampires and Cheating Nuns

Posted by on June 6, 2012

What I learned during Week 22’s “WeNever” Acting Class:

I can fairly comfortably stand up in front of a group of aspiring actors and pretend to be a vampire dispelling myths of vampire-hood – that is as long as I have a script.

I have a really hard time keeping it together when doing a scene with Erin.  I believe I was called unprofessional at least twice during our two hour acting lesson.  I suppose the acting instructor (who I did like by the way) was right – I’m not a professional and judging from my performances probably won’t be anytime soon.

Erin should try out for Curb Your Enthusiasm, this according to one of our fellow thespians.  I agree – she has that sort of dry “don’t you all get it?” sensibility about her acting.  Are you all suitably impressed?  Erin has an acting style.  So Larry David if you’re reading this…

I don’t properly put a “button” on my performances.  This means…well, I really don’t know what it means since I was never able to do it.  It has something to do with the way I delivered the last line in a scene – or in my case mis-delivered it repeatedly.

Improv is hard.  I was told to be Mother Superior (love that!) who was caught with a man by another nun.  Like I said in lesson number 1 above, I need a script, which obviously doesn’t happen with improv.  You’re nervous, you have to listen to another actor, you have react to what the actor says and then you have to come up with some coherent response.   I resorted to laughing – apparently the primary symptom of my unprofessionalism.  Sorry Sister Janelle.

Despite my theatrical shortcomings, this was fun – and again something I would have never done but for our “We Never” adventures.  We met some interesting actors – thanks to all of them for their patience with us.   Our instructor was exactly what you want in an acting coach – a little dramatic, very blunt and totally credible (you could see the improvement when the actors followed her instructions).  In case any of you are ready to start your second career in acting, contact Deryn Warren Acting School, 323-936-0195,

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