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Walking in Cold

Posted by on June 30, 2012

One of our goals for “We Never” is to be completely open-minded to not only new experiences but also to different views on religion, spirituality, and life in general.  So one day, during Week 26, Erin and I walked into the massive complex on Sunset in LA to find out more about the Church of Scientology.  We had signed up for a 3 hour Personal Efficiency Class in the afternoon at the Church but first we wanted to wander around and find out more about their belief system.

We were immediately greeted when we entered and escorted to a small theater where we watched a (very professionally done) short film on why and how L. Ron Hubbard began the Dianetics philosophy.  We then spent about 45 minutes wandering around a sort of museum watching video segments about various aspects of Scientology.  Finally, and most amusing (more on that later), we took a 70 question personality test.

Then began our 3 hour session on improving our personal efficiency.  The class was fine and there were a few tidbits taught that I can apply.  The class only consisted of me and Erin, which did crack us up since they approached the class as if there were 50 people (please raise your hand if…; please stand up when I call your name to accept your certificate…).  As usual, and Erin knows this about me by now, make me sit in one place for longer than 45 minutes without popcorn and diet soda and I’ll start nodding off.  It’s really hard to nod off without being noticed in a class of two.

Top that off with a review of my personality test.  Turns out I’m cold-blooded and heartless.  Not just “can be cold-blooded and heartless.”  No, when I peeked over the test reviewer’s arm (they’re not supposed to show us this part), I saw “is cold-blooded and heartless.”  Wow!  Apparently this label was the result of my answers to questions dealing with sometimes thinking of my own personal interest above the general good.  I figure if we’re all a little honest with ourselves, everyone thinks that way from time to time; we just don’t act on it.  Well, it didn’t sit well with the Scientologist reviewer.  He said that they could help with that.

I have gotten a few calls from them since our visit.  But I think I’ll go it alone, at least without the Scientologists.  Maybe I just need more naps.

One Response to Walking in Cold

  1. Laura

    Knew it!!!!