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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Shop till you Drop!

Needless to say, this was my kind of weekly activity.  Lisa and I got up early and headed to downtown LA to the fashion district to attend the monthly sample sales.  This was SOOOO up my alley.  Discreetly pushing other women out of the way so I could get a deal? Hell yes!  It was as … Continue reading »

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Shopping in Your Skivvies

Yes, that’s what you can do in downtown LA if you attend a monthly clothing sample sale in the fashion district.  If you keep all your clothes on all the time, you may miss out on that $20 designer skirt that hordes of other women want.  For obvious reasons, we couldn’t snap any photos of … Continue reading »

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One for your journals: I hiked.

For those of you who know me, this is a biggie.  That is because there are two things I really don’t enjoy: 1. exercising / exerting myself 2. walking/hiking/running with no destination – just going in a loop or worse, going back that way you came – I just don’t get it. So imagine the … Continue reading »

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Another View of Hollywood

We should all – more often than we do – act like tourists in our own cities.  That’s what Erin and I were looking for when we booked the Hollywood Sign Adventure.  This hike, guided by Hargo at LA Adventure Tour, took us through the Beachwood area of Hollywood.  At the risk of sounding like … Continue reading »

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“Ditto” with a bit of the Righteous Brothers to boot

Movie fans will remember the line “ditto”  from Ghost.  And if they remember that, they will surely remember the famous pottery throwing scene with Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers playing.  Well that is exactly NOT what our pottery class was like.  Don’t get me wrong – I love snuggling with Lisa. But in this … Continue reading »

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No Matter What

One of the truly wonderful things about our “We Never” adventures is that no matter what – good, bad or ugly – there’s a story to tell, an anecdote to laugh about, a character to discuss.  This has been true whether the activity works out as hoped or completely bombs.  In fact, I think that … Continue reading »

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Third time’s a charm!

So what do you do when you schedule something really cool for We Never (think Jet Packs but cooler) but the equipment fails so we can’t go – so then you schedule something the next day (the last day of the week which is also your birthday – think “spa”) but you show up 5 … Continue reading »

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One Jeff (Geoff) Is As Good As Another

What we feared would happen one day finally did.  All plans fell through and we were at the end of the week with nothing for our We Never.  Well, we’re 26 weeks strong so we can’t screw up now.  If you’ve read Erin’s post you know by now that her suggestion was we kiss each … Continue reading »

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