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“Ditto” with a bit of the Righteous Brothers to boot

Posted by on July 12, 2012

Movie fans will remember the line “ditto”  from Ghost.  And if they remember that, they will surely remember the famous pottery throwing scene with Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers playing.  Well that is exactly NOT what our pottery class was like.  Don’t get me wrong – I love snuggling with Lisa. But in this particular case, we were in a small space with some odor issues (we shared the 5′ by 10′ space with an eccentric woman [nice way of saying artist who does not shower] and a dog that I bet has not been bathed since Clinton was in office).  While this seems like a lot of detail, the shallow breathing that Lisa and I did for the hour ended up being a defining part of our this weeks’ crazy outing to take a pottery class in Santa Monica.  So the smell was issue number 1.  Issue number 2 was that the class including instruction but that is it – meaning that we made little vases that would not be baked and given to us – we made them and then watched them get recycled back into the remnant clay pile.  Not that Lisa and I need any more home-made stuff to clutter our homes (we both have kids), but we did kind of want to make something epic and then have everyone who entered our house ask us where we got it and how much we had to pay to own it given how extraordinary it was.

OK, but outside of the issues, it was really cool. Neither of us had used a potter’s wheel and seeing how fast we could shape things with it (and kills things too!) was so much fun.  We could both see how people get caught up making pencil holders for every person they have ever met.  And lucky for all of you, we blog and thus no longer use pencils.

3,806 Responses to “Ditto” with a bit of the Righteous Brothers to boot

  1. Patty Lotz

    Erin! there a little “hippy” in there? Don’t make me check for hairy legs (true hippy chick) LOL..Next thing you know you’ll be dragging the fam to Topanga..and raising make good “pot”. xox