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One Jeff (Geoff) Is As Good As Another

Posted by on July 7, 2012

What we feared would happen one day finally did.  All plans fell through and we were at the end of the week with nothing for our We Never.  Well, we’re 26 weeks strong so we can’t screw up now.  If you’ve read Erin’s post you know by now that her suggestion was we kiss each other’s husbands – simple and quick, but definitely something I’ve never done.  Our husband’s names are both Jeff (Erin’s husband is the more Anglicized Geoff hence the title of my post) so they’re pretty interchangeable, right?

My picture speaks volumes about my discomfort in kissing another woman’s husband (you’ll have to find it; I couldn’t bring myself to post it here).  For the record, I really love Erin’s Geoff and he is about as nice, smart and interesting a guy as you’d ever want to meet … which nicely segues out of the kiss and into our fabulous night altogether celebrating Erin’s birthday.

Both families rented a duffy boat (9 of us) and cruised around Newport Bay.  Hanging out with a drink and hor d’oeuvres, watching the bayside homes with their James-Bond-yachts, reminded me of how great it is to actually get out on the water since we live so close to it.  After an hour and half of cruising around (pretty calmly other than a few close calls courtesy Cap’n Tucker), we headed over to Sabatini’s for dinner.  Insert kisses here.  Then we all had a huge Italian meal, told stories, laughed.  End of another We Never:  Good friends, good food, and a little husband swapping.