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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Happy Endings…

Thank you Nash.This week we were going to try a Beijing foot massage this week – and he told me that we really needed to step it up, especially after the last two weeks which I am told were “pretty soft.”  So that is just what Lisa and I did and we got 3 different … Continue reading »

Categories: Week 35: Rock-Paper-Scissors? Rock-foot-thumb! | 41 Comments

Massage, Massage, and For Good Measure, Massage Again

All in the interest of research, Erin and I subjected ourselves to 3 massages in 3 straight days.  The only requirement was of course that we had never had the type of massage before.  I know – it sounds a bit indulgent but we decided that rather than give each of these massages their own … Continue reading »

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Posting in My Undies

My blog entry for Week 34 is going to be short and sweet (like me…minus the sweet part, according to my husband and arguably many others).  Most of you have probably figured out by now that I’m more modest than Erin.  Those of you who know both of us surely know this.  And those of … Continue reading »

Categories: 100 New Experiences, Week 34: Over the Shoulder Boulder Holders! | 25 Comments

Sorry – what comes after DD??

Well let me tell you folks – this is how the Bra scale goes:  A-B-C-D-DD-E-F-G and so on.  For those of you who are new at this, that measures the CUP size – the size of your boobs.  The other measurement (30-32-34-36…) measures the size of your around – of your back.   Here is … Continue reading »

Categories: Week 34: Over the Shoulder Boulder Holders! | 5,019 Comments

“Whenever I call you friend…”

Remember that song? Anyway, that is just what Lisa and I did this week – and boy, oh boy, did I take it seriously.  I was in Water Mill for a few days with no kids so I looked up a few close friends that I just had not seen in a while.  I lunched … Continue reading »

Categories: Week 33: "Picking up where we left off..." | 516 Comments

Where Did The Years Go?

Another summer week apart so we had to be creative in our “We Never” again.  When Erin suggested we find friends we hadn’t spoken to for over 20 years, my first thought was that I needed to dig up a friend from my childhood.  Not so much – where did the years go?  I could … Continue reading »

Categories: 100 New Experiences, Week 33: "Picking up where we left off..." | 26 Comments


Time to pay it forward again. Lisa and I were on separate coasts so decided this was a good week to pay to fill someone’s gas tank.  Being in NYC, I opted for a taxi driver.  We had a quick conversation about how much tougher it is today – gas, credit card fees, etc.  My … Continue reading »

Categories: Week 32: Pass Gas? | 132 Comments

Pump It Up

On Week 32, we faced a dilemma.  Erin and I were out of town on separate vacations – I was in Michigan for my son who was playing in the Little League Junior World Series; Erin was in the Hamptons enjoying her annual family vacation.  Given this, it was a perfect week for another “pay … Continue reading »

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Here come the Jetsons…

Yup, this one makes the top 5 so far.  Jet packing for God’s sake!  Yes, the pack was incredibly heavy but it does float – although it could sort of roll over on top of you so you had a moment of your head being submerged (translation – a moment of sheer panic).  But otherwise, … Continue reading »

Categories: Week 31: Mythbusters | 6,588 Comments

Jetting Around Newport

Strap on a jet pack powered by water and fly (mostly and sort of) over Newport Bay.  It may not have been as smooth as I make it sound but it was a blast.  While I didn’t know until recently that you could shoot yourself up 30 feet (theoretically) into the air with water pressure, … Continue reading »

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