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“Whenever I call you friend…”

Posted by on August 15, 2012

Remember that song? Anyway, that is just what Lisa and I did this week – and boy, oh boy, did I take it seriously.  I was in Water Mill for a few days with no kids so I looked up a few close friends that I just had not seen in a while.  I lunched with one whom I chat with often but had not seen in over 10 years – the lunch lasted 3 hours and we could have make it to dinner.  I met one whom I had worked with in NY/London had not seen her since we started having kids – we now both have 3 with the eldest just starting high school – we had a BBQ and our kids played like they had known each other all of their lives.  I had breakfast with another that I had not seen or spoken to since the day of my wedding – no bad feelings, just life getting in our way.  We sat next to each other for a year in NY – his name is Bill Wright and for the entire year, he was my Mr. Right.  He is fantastic, fun and we picked up just where we left off.  I am positive I will see him every year from now on in Water Mill where he has a house a stone’s throw from my sister’s.  And last but not least, I met up with a close friend that I had not seen since the day of my Choate graduation.  We were BFFs. She is the girl who turned me on to microwaved M&Ms and the song “It’s Raining Men” for God’s sake!  How could we not be!  It has not been 29 years since we spoke – we found each other again about 5 years ago and exchange emails.  But seeing each other was awesome.  Downside? She looks about 5 years older than she did the last time I saw her – and has not put on a pound.  I was not so lucky… but she recognized me anyway and I look forward to staying more in touch.  So the moral of this week’s we-never?  It is never to late to look up an old friend.  You will be surprised how the friendship does not feel so old…

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