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Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Jam…

Posted by on September 22, 2012

Maybe I should finish that statement with: “But Never Cared Enough to Ask.”  No matter.  We stood through a 2-1/2 hour session of jam making and if you’re on our list (or you reference this blog entry), you’ll be eating the fruits of our labor come Christmas morning.  So bear with me while I regale you with the story of our jam-making and other (sort of) fun jam facts.

Week 38 involved going to SQRL Preserves facilities in Silver Lake near downtown LA.  We made the freshest raspberry jam you’d ever want to eat, along with apple butter that was good but didn’t touch the raspberry jam.  We learned that grocery store jam has a ton of sugar (over half of it); the jam we made did not.  If you soak a bag of lemon peels in the boiling jam, it becomes a natural pectin that makes the jam gel.  The stuff you buy in the grocery store uses a pectin manufactured from dehydrated peels and turned into a brown powder.  The hardest part about making jam seems to be the canning process; otherwise it’s pretty darn easy – boiling fruit with sugar and lemon juice.

Assuming we can successfully replicate this process in our own home, you’ll probably be like we were – simply looking for vehicles (excuses) upon which to eat the jam.  I’ve had more toast, crackers, and pb&j’s this past week than I have in a year.  I may be a little fatter now, but a heck of a lot sweeter.