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Not Exactly Silky Smooth

Posted by on September 15, 2012

I knew I was in trouble from the beginning.  Those of you who recall our Week 10 trapeze class and my total lack of flexibility will appreciate my concern in performing for Week 37′s aerial arts class.  This was primarily a fitness class where we wrapped ourselves up in those silks we’re familiar with from Cirque du Soleil and (presumably) gracefully suspended ourselves.

The class began with “simple” stretches on the ground that left me pathetically reaching for my toes and coming up about a foot short.  Because that wasn’t humiliating enough, we then had to kick our legs up and flip over a trapeze bar.  In my mind, I was still that 10 year old girl who could easily lift my legs and flip.  Instead, a week later, I can still fill the knot where I banged my shin against the bar.

Then we moved on to the silks.  It was pretty cool how you could do nothing more than wrap a foot or leg the right way and suspend yourself in mid-air, even turning sideways.  Erin definitely had me on grace and flexibility.  The instructor had to actually wrap my foot for me since I wasn’t able to lift it up far enough to put the silk under it.  I did fortunately get some pity-praise from Erin for my strength.  Encouraged, I forced my way as close to the top as I could before my arms completely gave on me.  If nothing else, I was able to survey the class from up there.  Hmm… pointy toes, fluid movements.  Pride be damned and no real hope of redemption, I slipped down the silks and collapsed in a heap.  Class dismissed.

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