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Once again, I was OVER-SERVED!

Posted by on September 9, 2012

I swear!  But in this case, it was not Madrases or Coors Light.  It was water! OK, so this is the deal.  Lisa and I decided to do a two day cleanse.  Lisa described it – we were supposed to drink 6 bottles of special juice a day and drink 6 bottles of water in between.  Take a look at the pictures.  As you may know, the only green things I eat are guacamole and green M&Ms so no one, including me, thought that I would be able to drink the Green Monster, nevertheless two in a day.  But I did!  I drank the juices and the sludge and all the rest of it.  I also drank the water too.  So what happened?  Two things: first, my stomach looked like the picture below (that is actually my Aunt Jackie).  It literally hurt from over-stretch.  Secondly, I got a headache that rivaled the worst hangover you have ever had.   Now some of you might say it was the lack of caffeine while others might think it was the lack of sugar.  I am still sticking with my story of over-hydration (yes, it really is a thing).  Anyway, Geoff was out of town, I had my 3 kids and 2 others on loan and had to transition into survival mode.  I woke up day two and decided to stick with fasting and liquids but  MY liquids this time – which included coffee, Propel and Diet Coke.  The headache lightened up but my tongue was just like the bottom of my shoe.  So I licked potato chips.  Let me say it again – I was committed to not eating but needed something so I LICKED POTATO CHIPS and then threw them away.  And even without really eating them, they were the best I ever had.


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