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Having A Blast

Posted by on October 3, 2012

Maybe it’s just because I’m fickle and it’s the last thing I did.  But Week 40′s skeet shooting blew away Week 9’s shooting pistols at an inside shooting range.  I was trying to figure out why and this is what I came up with: I felt very dangerous with the pistols – like I would forget I had a gun in my hand, Erin would say something and I’d whip around oblivious to the lethal weapon I held.  Sort of like those movies where someone wildly and stupidly waves around a gun and everyone ducks.  For the record, I of course never did but I swear as I get older my fears become more irrational.

That irrational old-woman fear wasn’t there with the shotgun.  It was long and heavy enough that I knew I wouldn’t become suddenly and unexpectedly erratic.  Plus you only put in two bullets at any one time.  Then you actually rest your cheek on the top of the butt of the gun and – this is important and hard to do – you leave it against your cheek even though you’re terribly tempted to pull it off as it backfires.

You’re feeling pretty cool as you yell “pull!” but even more so when you actually hit a clay pigeon and it shatters in the air.  This didn’t happen as often as I would have liked (7 out of 25 for me; 9 out of 25 for Erin) but our instructor Tito was incredibly patient and kindly noted that while he may be a crack shot he has a hard time at other things that we may do well, like work on a computer.  Maybe I’m a sucker but his pep talk worked.  I’ll be back to shoot another day.

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