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My Sweet Lord…

Posted by on October 17, 2012

First Kabbalah, then Scientology – so why not Hare Krishna?  The Hare Krishna movement’s main purpose is “to promote the well-being of human society by teaching the science of God consciousness according to the timeless Vedic scriptures of India.”  I know – I was as surprised as you that there is no mention of airports.  We went to a center in LA for, of all things, lunch (this is apparently a popular thing to do).  It was extremely inexpensive (I think Lisa’s salad was $.86) and there were many members of the congregation (they are actually called servants of Krishna).  Most were dressed as you would expect – in fabulous looking sarongs (yes I managed to buy one – my ability to turn every outing into a shopping experience impresses even me!).  Just a scarce few had the shaved head with ponytail hanging from the back but mostly, it was people like you and me – some old, some young, some with kids… just meeting for some quiet time to reflect.  The reality is, that once again, I was impressed, and attracted to the sense of community that this group had and kind of get it.  In the end, the highlight for me was seeing the letter in the showcase that was sent to all Hare Krishna congregations in the 1970′s telling them that they could no longer solicit members in public places – aka AIRPORTS.  Just so simple – not 42 pages – just a quick note that changed the face of a group of believers that were such a part of my life growing up…and the “Airplane” movies :)


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