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Barre? I thought you said BAR!

Posted by on November 16, 2012

Yea, so I met Lisa at the Barre this week. I should have been suspicious when it was at 11am. But I have been known to throw back a few before 5.  Well in this case, I was supposed to throw back my legs!  Yes, Lisa and I thought we would try our hat at Barre class.  And?  It was good. Not great.  Not bad.  I do a bit of Pilates and it felt like Pilates on steroids.  It did not help that we had the Nurse Ratched of Barre teachers.  She was having none of us not being able to put this leg here or hold that ball there.  But I kind of got it.  Good intense work-out.  Pretty good music.  Would I have been happier at the bar that I am intimately more familiar with?  Hell yes – but maybe that will be an adventure for another week — to see who we might meet at the local bar in Manhattan Beach at 11am on a Wednesday.  I am already afraid of what we might learn….

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