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I’d Rather Sweat in Riverside

Posted by on November 8, 2012

The only good that can come out of this week’s “We Never” experience of a thermal body wrap is that you all read this and never do it.  Part of the reason this particular thermal wrap was such a dud was the setting.  We bought the wrap on GroupOn and headed to Redondo Beach expecting at least a spa experience (if nothing else, I love the smell of a spa).  Instead, we found the “spa” in a walk-up dingy suite of offices.

The spa consisted of two rooms divided by nothing more than a screen with our thermal wrap sitting smack in the middle of the first room.  I went first, slipping into the big silver wrap.  I was zipped in and the temperature was cranked up.  Then the experience began – I sweated for 50 minutes.

That was it – no herbal pastes, no new age music, no ambience – just me, a big silver sleeping bag, and my sweat.   Erin went next.  This time, it was Erin, the big silver sleeping bag and again my sweat.  That’s right.  There was no inner lining taken out and replaced.  Instead, the spa owner took a disinfectant wipey and ran it over the inside of the bag.  We could both still see the sweat in the bag.  Bless her soul, Erin got in that bag and read her book for her 50 minutes of treatment.

I suppose we lost some water weight but as I said when we were walking out, I could have gone to Riverside to watch a baseball game in the middle of July and lost as much…and Erin could have sat next to me, gladly avoiding any contact with me and my sweat.