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No Relaxation Zone

Posted by on November 30, 2012

This was not your mother’s spa experience.  No, this one involved no rest and definitely no relaxation.  After googling “interesting spa experiences,” we found some seriously unique and unusual treatments.  But none as odd as the one upon which we settled.  Erin and I did our first (and last) V-Steam for Week 48’s We Never!

A centuries-old treatment used in Korea (known there as chai-yok), the v-steam is supposed to reduce stress and help with any number of ailments, including headaches and infertility. Honestly, the whole experience probably caused more stress than it reduced.  Wrapped in a sort of pretty “tent,” we were placed over a wooden throne and left there for 30 minutes to steam.  You can only imagine how it felt to sit over steaming herbs.  I was able to withstand it for about 25 minutes before I finally succumbed to my wimpiness and had to turn down the heat.  What was the point really?

We’ll be looking for more unusual spa treatments in the coming year but I’ll be surprised if we ever top this one.  For the record, the owner of the spa claims to have become pregnant in her mid-40’s after suffering through only 5 of the treatments.  For that, it would be worth it.  For those of us past that time in our lives, I can confidently say there’s never a reason to steam anything from the waist down.

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