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Go Fish!

Posted by on January 11, 2013

If you live in Manhattan Beach, chances are you’ve gone by ______ a million times.  Well, Erin and I stepped in for a “We Never” tarot card reading.  Part of the reason for choosing this one was, of course, because we had never done it.  The other, more significant, reason was because Erin was on crutches, after blowing out her knee on the ski slopes; we obviously needed to find more sedentary activities than we had in the past.  We had fun taking turns and listening to ___ tell us what each card meant as she turned them over.  The best prediction I received was one that stopped Erin’s heart.  I was told that there would be a birth experienced by a close friend with red or blond hair (she couldn’t tell which).  Reminder that Erin’s hair was dyed red during our Jeff Probst appearance and then of course went back to her normal color of blond.  Well, as you all know by now, Erin is not pregnant and not likely to be.  Months later, I’m trying to figure out who the mysterious redhead/blond was.  I was also told my daughter would marry a European, my son would be a professional athlete and I would begin work in the non-profit world.  The good news was that nothing awful was predicted.  I’ll let you know in a few years whether any of her predictions come to pass.

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