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Everything’s Coming Up Roses!

Posted by on February 18, 2013

I was interested, a bit nervous and hugely skeptical about being hypnotized.  Turns out that the hypnotist we saw was not one of those who claim that they can make you quack like a duck.  She’s more into getting you in a relaxing position and convincing you that you can do whatever it is you think you can’t or stop doing something you shouldn’t.  I decided to focus on healthier eating.  After chatting with me for a while about my life, she decided I was a stress eater (probably right) and that I needed to quit stressing so much about my kids, their grades, their futures (probably right again).  Anyway, she put me in a hypnotic state (maybe) and tried to convince me not to eat when I’m stressed.  It probably would have worked better had I been more open to it.  Either way, I actually enjoyed talking to her and hearing her theories on previous lives.  Whether or not you believe in that stuff, my favorite take-away was a quote that I now try to apply when I’m starting to stress about my kids’ issues – “It’s their journey, not yours.”   Her thought was that while you can parent, you shouldn’t try to control; otherwise you might be interrupting their journey.  I like that…so I received a little side-therapy that I didn’t expect during a hypnosis session.