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Somewhere, over the the rainbow…

Posted by on February 10, 2013

The best We-Nevers are the ones that we love enough to keep on doing so I guess that makes this a winner.  Lisa and I thought we would try playing the ukulele. I have never played guitar and I was under the impression Lisa had not either – until it came out that she had played guitar for years and even played in the church choir.  So I was feeling a bit behind from the get-go.  But no worries because Kerry at Dietze Brothers is a master!  Instead of having us practice chords for weeks, she shows you 2 and you leave your fist lesson playing a song =  Brown Eyed Girl!  How fun is that!  So Lisa and I have chosen to stick it out with the goal of playing “Somewhere over the rainbow/What a Wonderful World” by my 50th (that gives us a year!).  This adventure made us feel young and whimsical.  Imagine how I will feel when I start travelling with my Uke in my backpack as you sometimes see people do. The thing I like the most? Singing along!  Count the weeks – we will be sure to post our first performance for you!!

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