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How to feel young and old at the same time!

Posted by on March 8, 2013

Our “We Never” experiences have put us in some odd situations.  Sometimes you look around and wonder how you got there.  Tai Chi was one of those – Me, Erin and 8 or 9 Japanese American octogenarians in a church hall engaging in the slow and steady movements of Tai Chi.  Well, at least the others were slow and steady.  Once again we were humbled.  The gentle movements are supposed to reduce stress and according to our instructor, different fingers are “connected” to different organs.  So, as you move your digits, you’re improving the health of a particular organ.  But for “We Never,” I would have never engaged in tai chi with a group of 80+ year old Japanese American women.  These activities are often humbling.  In this case, the 8 or 9 octogenarians spending an hour doing tai chi had it down to an art.  Erin and I did a fair amount of hand waving – movements I think may have had enough similarity to what everyone else was doing to give us some benefit.

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