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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Eating in the Dark

Eating in the dark is liberating.  You can leave your elbows on the table, eat with your hands and lick your fingers.  And I engaged in all those uncouth behaviors when we ate at Opaque, a restaurant that is completely dark and has sight-impaired waiters.  I enjoyed our experience but wouldn’t necessarily do it again … Continue reading »

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I can see clearly now…

What a fun week! Lisa and I and our husbands went to a restaurant called Opaque – where all the wait staff is blind and you eat in the dark.  Yup, total darkness.  We are guided in by our waiter and she shows us our seats (by taking our hand and putting it on the back of … Continue reading »

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I Dare You!

Muay Thai – I just liked the sound of this We Never.  If nothing else, I thought we’d feel tough for one hour while we learned a form of mixed martial arts.  Not only were we the only women in the class, we were also the only humans over 25.  So needless to say, we … Continue reading »

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Lisa and I and all the boys…

Imagine what Lisa and I looked like on a random Wednesday night when we showed up for a local kick boxing class and the other 8 classmates were boys from the age of 13-23.  One even played t-ball with Lisa’s daughter when she was 5!  The second surprise was that the warm-up was the hardest … Continue reading »

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