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I can see clearly now…

Posted by on May 15, 2013

What a fun week! Lisa and I and our husbands went to a restaurant called Opaque – where all the wait staff is blind and you eat in the dark.  Yup, total darkness.  We are guided in by our waiter and she shows us our seats (by taking our hand and putting it on the back of a chair).  We then sit down and it is dark. Not night time dark – pitch black “I can’t see my hand an inch in front of me” dark.  I had a few observations.  First, you definitely are more attuned to the smell and taste of your food when you can’t see it.  I noticed first that I could smell my cold salad!  Secondly (not news), people talk louder when they can’t see.  Imagine what that meant for me – I feel so sorry for my dinner guests! And finally, like many things out of your comfort zone, some people are bothered by it and some are not. It did not bother me in the least – I found it fun and liked that I could yawn without covering my mouth all night – even in the middle of someones’ story!  Lisa apparently had her elbows on the table all night.  I ate with my fingers – why bother with a fork or knife (could end up cutting off my own finger after all).  But I have spoken to others who said people left their restaurant during dinner – they just did not like it.  Do I feel grateful for my sight?  Of course.  Do I feel grateful for such a interesting night out with good friends?  Yes to that one too.

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