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Author Archives: Erin

Just call me Lady Marmalade!

Yes, I appreciate that we have already made jam so this is not THAT exciting.  But different from jam, we actually picked and cleaned and peeled this fruit. It came from the orange tree in our yard.  The long and short of it is that we are too conservative and once again over-cooked our jam/jelly. … Continue reading »

Categories: Week 67: Marmalade this time! | 6,740 Comments

I can see clearly now…

What a fun week! Lisa and I and our husbands went to a restaurant called Opaque – where all the wait staff is blind and you eat in the dark.  Yup, total darkness.  We are guided in by our waiter and she shows us our seats (by taking our hand and putting it on the back of … Continue reading »

Categories: Week 66: Eating in the Dark | 2,366 Comments

Lisa and I and all the boys…

Imagine what Lisa and I looked like on a random Wednesday night when we showed up for a local kick boxing class and the other 8 classmates were boys from the age of 13-23.  One even played t-ball with Lisa’s daughter when she was 5!  The second surprise was that the warm-up was the hardest … Continue reading »

Categories: Week 65: Kick boxing | 518 Comments

Two No Trump!

That was us – two ladies with no idea how to play bridge having no idea about how to bid for a trump suit.  But before we knew it, we were playing! OK, so once again, this was NOT a seniors class – but we were the only people who were not grandparents.  After the … Continue reading »

Categories: Week 64: For the brain - Bridge 101 | 1,231 Comments

Fred, Ginger, Gene and now Erin!

Words can not express how excited I was for this week’s We-Never.  Tap dancing! This is something I have wanted to do for years – I have even tried it (adult beginning tap).  But this is the first time it took! And it was everything I had hoped it would be.  Heel, toe, dig, cramp… … Continue reading »

Categories: Week 63: Tap Dancing! | 36 Comments

Could I have not done this 20 years ago?

No – and do you want to know why? Because you never know how good you look until after you look that good.  So that is why I decided to do Boudoir photos of myself – less than 2 years before my 50th.  Notice I said ?I decided” because I can promise you that Lisa … Continue reading »

Categories: Week 62: Boudoir Photos! | 11 Comments

Wax on, wax off…

Tai Chi with seniors? Bring it on!  Ok, in fairness, we did not know it would be a seniors class – it was simply by default.  All the attendees were 80 year old Buddhists (we did it at the Buddhist community center where we attended the service).  The reality is that it is harder to … Continue reading »

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If the service had only been in English!

This week, Lisa and I headed to our local Buddhist temple (more like a chapel within a community center).  Like so many weekly adventures, we were welcomed with open arms.  The attendees wanted to tell us about their religion – but without that feeling of someone trying to recruit you.  We were offered coffee and … Continue reading »

Categories: Week 60: Buddhist Temple | 1 Comment

You are feeling sleepy, very sleepy…

Thank you Groupon.  Not sure we would have thought to visit a hypnotist on our own but with the idea put in our heads by Groupon, it was a must!  Now don’t get your hopes up.  It was not the kind of hypnotist you see on TV (when you see chocolate, you will bark like … Continue reading »

Categories: Week 59: Hypnotist? Really? | 32 Comments

Somewhere, over the the rainbow…

The best We-Nevers are the ones that we love enough to keep on doing so I guess that makes this a winner.  Lisa and I thought we would try playing the ukulele. I have never played guitar and I was under the impression Lisa had not either – until it came out that she had played … Continue reading »

Categories: Week 58: Learning to play the Uke! | 74 Comments