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Author Archives: Lisa

The Proctor Games

Katniss Everdeen has nothing on us…except for a little extra accuracy in her archery skills.  We joined the growing ranks of Hunger Game wannabes and tried out archery.  And this time we took an extra on our outing – my 15 year old son Will.  It was a good and bad choice to take Will.  … Continue reading »

Categories: 100 New Experiences, Week 70: Archery | 27,243 Comments

You want us to SAVE the Seaweed???

Erin and I drove to Balboa Island (the cutest island around) to try out Seaweed Sok, the only pure seaweed bathhouse in the U.S.  We each had our own batch of seaweed, which had been flown in from Ireland where it has been harvested for over 100 years.  Apparently, this is the best seaweed around … Continue reading »

Categories: 100 New Experiences, Week 69 Seaweed Bath | 3,924 Comments

Give it to me straight up!

This “We Never, ” which turned out to be a surprise.  We drove to a house with bars on the windows but when we walked around to the back, we opened a door to reveal a spectacular fully-stocked bar.  The guy who gave the class loved what he did and knew his stuff.  He was … Continue reading »

Categories: Week 68: Bar-tending Class! | 10,264 Comments

Home grown and made!

It doesn’t get better than this – at least in the world of jam-making.  We picked the fruit in Erin’s backyard, added some sugar, lemon, and fresh-squeezed orange juice.  It was about as homemade as anything I’ve done before.  Making it even better, we had two other of our favorite people in the kitchen helping … Continue reading »

Categories: Week 67: Marmalade this time! | 5,284 Comments

Eating in the Dark

Eating in the dark is liberating.  You can leave your elbows on the table, eat with your hands and lick your fingers.  And I engaged in all those uncouth behaviors when we ate at Opaque, a restaurant that is completely dark and has sight-impaired waiters.  I enjoyed our experience but wouldn’t necessarily do it again … Continue reading »

Categories: Week 66: Eating in the Dark | 8,718 Comments

I Dare You!

Muay Thai – I just liked the sound of this We Never.  If nothing else, I thought we’d feel tough for one hour while we learned a form of mixed martial arts.  Not only were we the only women in the class, we were also the only humans over 25.  So needless to say, we … Continue reading »

Categories: Week 65: Kick boxing | 4,478 Comments

Bridging the Gap

We have been made fun of for this one.  Whatever the specific rag, they all had to do with us being old and boring.  But if you’ve never played bridge before, I don’t want to hear from you.  Bridge is actually a fun game with a lot of strategy.  If you’re ready to enter your … Continue reading »

Categories: 100 New Experiences, Week 64: For the brain - Bridge 101 | 562 Comments

Tap, tap, tap…

A clumsy dork on tap shoes: That’s what I was for this “We Never.”  As a result, I never felt great taking tap lessons every week.  Erin loved it and even went so far as to discuss setting up a recital so all of our family and friends could come see the clumsy dork on … Continue reading »

Categories: Week 63: Tap Dancing! | 1 Comment

Ultimate Mortification

Yes, that’s how I would describe not just the photo shoot itself but the anticipation.  Anticipation may be the wrong word – that seems to carry with it some excitement.  There was nothing exciting about readying myself for our We Never boudoir shots.  No, it was nothing short of dread.  In fact, I couldn’t wait … Continue reading »

Categories: 100 New Experiences, Week 62: Boudoir Photos! | 18 Comments

How to feel young and old at the same time!

Our “We Never” experiences have put us in some odd situations.  Sometimes you look around and wonder how you got there.  Tai Chi was one of those – Me, Erin and 8 or 9 Japanese American octogenarians in a church hall engaging in the slow and steady movements of Tai Chi.  Well, at least the … Continue reading »

Categories: Week 61: Tai Chi! | 5 Comments